Horizontal Barrier


Capillary rising dampness is one of the most common types of moisture in a building. This is avoiding by a preventive sealing in the new building, for example by using sealing slurries. In the restoration sector, injections are made in the structure, which prevents a capillary rising dampness of the masonry.

Horizontal barrier (restoration)

  • PT Inject Cream HQ
  • PT Inject Cream 2C

Horizontal barrier (new constructions)

  • PT Multi Hybrid Coating 2C
  • PT Multi Hybrid Coating 2C extra
  • PT Reactive Slurry crystalline
  • PT Reactive Slurry sulphate
  • PT Elastic Slurry 2C

Horizontal injection of construction joints

  • PT PUR Injection Resin 200
  • PT PUR Combi Injection DUO 600