Waterproofing Outside (Positive side)


Positive side waterproofing means sealing on the water-facing side. That means outside sealing, for example basements, underground garages or tunnels. Depending on the building situation and requirements, various product systems are available.

Waterproofing (liquid/pasty)

  • PT PMB Professional 1C
  • PT PMB Professional 2C
  • PT Multi Hybrid Coating 2C
  • PT Multi Hybrid Coating 2C extra
  • PT Elastic Slurry 2C
  • PT Reactiv Slurry Crystalline
  • PT Hydro Active Coating 1C
  • PT Hydro Active Coating 1C extra

Waterproofing (fully bonded membrane system)

  • PT Membrane 1050
  • PT Membrane Crystal 1200

Waterproofing (self-adhesive membrane system)

  • PT POA Membrane 1050

Curtain wall injection (subsuquent waterproofing)

  • PT PUR Injection Gel
  • PT AC Injection Gel