About us

proof-tec GmbH is specialized in the production and distribution of

waterproofing systems, according to the principle:

“Somebody who can do everything only has the capability to something of everything”

We are a specialist for waterproofing systems.



Our business owners have more than four decades of experience in waterproofing of building constructions and are very happy to support our customers and partners in technical and practical matters. We also introduce and support our customers into the respective fields of application.


Our customers are specialists in waterproofing of buildings. As the sealing of buildings requires a very high level of competence, we see ourselves as a partner for the user / applicator of waterproofing systems. A sale to private households does not take place. We also offer regular application trainings, due to the fact that our waterproofing systems require a high professional application.


Quality is the benchmark on which we are measured and is therefore our highest priority. Here we set standards and our actions take place according to our principle:

“Quality instead of quantity”

A building should be sealed once, but permanently. The quality of our products and characteristics, are continuously tested by various independent material testing institutes.



A resource-friendly production and environmentally friendly products are a must for us. The environment is one of the highest goods of our planet and should be protected. The subsequent user or applicator at the construction site are also thought of in our viewpoint.


The production of our waterproofing systems takes place in Germany, in our main factory in Friedeburg / Ostfriesland or other production sites. Our own production and recipes ensure a consistent quality and thus the future of the company.

Product development

We are constantly focused on creating new products as well as on improving existing products through our own research and development department. The continuous close contact with the user of our product systems assures us a flow of information to implement in our efforts of development and improvement.  New innovative product systems are continuously being developed.

Private Label

Upon request, we can also manufacture our waterproofing products as “private label” products for our customers. Due to our high flexibility, we do not depended on large purchase quantities and already manufacture small series for our customers.


We are pleased with the support from NBank Niedersachsen, which has helped us finance a new production facility in Friedeburg.