Joint Sealing 1


Everywhere at a building joints occur. This joints require a watertight sealing. The joints are exposed to different loads and the waterproofing systems lead to close this joint against water infiltration.

Expansion joint injection

  • PT PUR Injection Gel
  • PT AC Injection-Gel
  • PT AC Injection Gel Thix

Construction joint injection

  • PT PUR Injection Resin 200
  • PT PUR Combi Injection Resin DUO 600

Construction joint waterproofing (liquid/pasty)

  • PT PMB Professional 1C
  • PT PMB Professional 2C
  • PT Multi Hybrid Coating 2C
  • PT Elastic Slurry 2C
  • PT Hydro Activ Coating 1C
  • PT Hydro Activ Coating extra